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*Prices are exclusive of VAT, tourist tax (€1,50 p.p.), drinks and catering. Prices include skipper, a host and boarding and disembarking in Amsterdam South. For a group of 25-30 persons, we advise a second host. Boarding outside Amsterdam-Zuid is subject to departure and return charge of €100,- per hour.

  • Beautiful private boat
  • Experienced captain & hospitable host
  • 2 hours cruising
  • Bar available: drinks based on calculation afterwards
  • Boarding & embarking in Amsterdam South

    Okura, Apollo, Harbour Club Kitchen, Strand-Zuid, de RAI of Rijksmuseum

All content by boat type

Capacities & Rates

SalonbotenDe LiefdeTerra NovaMona Lisa
Drinks2-12 pers.2-18 pers.2-25 pers.
Lunch/-Dinnerbuffet4 pers.6 pers.18 pers.
Dinner4 pers.6 pers.10 pers.
Transfer12 pers.18 pers.30 pers.
Price per hr (min 2 hr)€225,-€225,-€225,-
Dayprice (8 hr)€1350,- €1350,- €1350,-
Klassieke schepenRinskeSmidtjeWilhelmus
Drinks10-35 pers.10-50 pers.10-60 pers.
Lunch/-Dinnerbuffet25 pers.40 pers.45 pers.
Dinner25 pers.28 pers.26 pers.
Walking Dinner30 pers.40 pers.45 pers.
Transfer40 pers.50 pers.60 pers.
Price per hr (min 2 hr)€250,-€250,-€250,-
Dayprice (8 hr)€1500,-€1500,-€1500,-
City TendersVondelCouperus
Drinks20-60 pers.20-60 pers.
Lunch/-Dinnerbuffet45 pers.45 pers.
Dinner 30 pers.30 pers.
Dinner40 pers.40 pers.
Walking Diner50 pers.50 pers.
Transfer65 pers.65 pers.
Price per hr (min 2 hr)€350,-€350,-
Dayprice (8 hr)€2100,-€2100,-
Make your cruise extra special

Possible upgrades

  • Bitterballs

    €3,- per person

  • Silent disco

    €5,- per person

  • 4 luxurious bites & snacks

    €7,50 per person

  • Lunch

    From €10,- per person

  • Unlimited national bar for two hours

    €20,- per person

  • Buffet

    From €25,- per person

  • 3-course a la carte

    €49,50 per person

  • Accordionist

    From €395,-

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