Diamonds are forever

Royal Diamond Experience for Every Cruise

All evening, your group is in festive anticipation aboard a luxurious cruise boat: who has the real diamond in their glass? Once the champagne is finished, you can have your stone checked by the resident diamond expert from Royal Coster Diamonds. Perhaps you’ll be the lucky winner of the evening, taking home the precious diamond.

This is how it works

The Royal Diamond Experience is a wonderful way to add an extra festive and exciting touch to every voyage with Smidtje Luxury Cruises.

Here’s what you receive when you book the Royal Diamond Experience:

  • Private tour at Royal Coster Diamonds.
  • A diamond in one of the champagne glasses; to be verified by the on-site Diamond Expert.
  • The winner receives the diamond in a bag with a box and certificate. For an additional fee, the diamond can be inserted in a pendant or ring.
  • This cruise is ideal for business groups or small parties. Add a sparkling touch to your cruise and book the Royal Diamond Experience.

Experience even more luxury

Cruise in style and celebrate special moments with a glass of champagne, where a genuine diamond might be hidden. Discover the Royal Diamond Experience.

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